When thinking of retiring or trying to get prepared to retire housing and climate options quite often become a factor.  Of course you  can just stay where you are, but that may not be realistic for some people.  The current home may be too large, too old, too hard to maintain, too expensive or too far away from support systems that could be needed when aging.  Many people begin to plan for their retirement and take into consideration if they can allow themselves, the lower maintenance factor, the warmer climate and maybe  just less stress and more fun. Having more time to do what they have always wanted to do may be in reach if they plan it out now.  

Do they want to be somewhere warmer, somewhere safer, somewhere more convenient, or in a community where their needs can  be better met and there are numerous activities?  Some seniors want to stay in their own home but have the option to travel to a warmer climate in the winter like Phoenix, Mesa, and Apache Junction Arizona.

People 55 years of age or older (age qualified) will find a number of housing options to meet their needs.  Retirement housing and homes in gated adult communities and 55+ mobile and manufactured home parks.  The choice will depend on an individual’s personal preferences. Some would prefer to own the manufactured home and rent the land. Let the park do the yard maintenance and they take advantage of all the amenities of the park which is included in their lot rent. For the winter visitor, it is often the choice which allows them to lock up at the end of the season and not worry about yard maintenance and there is a sense of security which someone on site overseeing the homes. However some aren't going to be traveling to reach their new home, they will be year round residents and want to own their own land. The 55+ plus communities with land ownership are not as plentiful but definitely are available just a smaller percentage of these specific communities. Many of the parks that are not specific 55+ do attract the age group so depending on the park, you may find the age of the community fits your needs. Phoenix, Mesa, Apache Junction Arizona have an abundance of these communities. Contacting a manufactured homes agent to direct you and assist is good first step. Let them know what you have in mind and then let them help.


Retirement is a time to for less stress, relax, and have some fun.  You’ve earned it!  Do all of those things you have wished you had time for.  Travel, read, golf, indulge in a hobby, spend more time with grandchildren or simply pamper yourself.  Whatever the retirement goals may be, there is a lifestyle to accommodate them.  Most retirement housing is geared towards staying healthy, having fun and enjoying life with like-minded people of a similar age. Some Mesa and Phoenix communities have their own golf courses, most have at least one heated pool and spa and many have several. Some have events co coordinators. Almost all have activity schedules for you to enjoy if you are inclined. Many have specialty classes, like yoga and crafts. Not only can you shop for the type of home you would like but the park/community that provides what you are looking for. Our agents have the spread sheets on the parks so they are able to answer those questions. Finding the right agent is important and finding one that works the industry full time, normally will suggest that they are current on latest state laws and what is current in the manufactured home industry. It is important to be protected in an area that is relatively new to you.